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  • 7 IT hiring trends for 2021 April 23, 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry, fundamentally altering the way most organizations conduct daily business — and that includes how they recruit, hire, and retain IT talent.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Survey Data Provides Insight on COVID’s Impact on the CIO April 22, 2021
    Before the pandemic hit, CIOs had been enabling organizational success in a highly dynamic and challenging role. After the pandemic ensued, the amplitude of change and agility increased overnight, impossible as that seemed. As businesses have become digital first, the leader of this change has been the CIO.To gather more specific details and data about […]
  • BrandPost: Achieving the Balance between Innovation and Governance April 22, 2021
    To improve your time to market, your business needs to be agile and modernized. But pretty much everyone knows that now. So the real question is: “If it’s not happening, why not?”We know why, and we can shortcut that.It’s because you’re not innovation-ready. You don’t have the technical or cultural permissions to develop new products […]
  • BrandPost: Change Your Operating Model for Successful Modernization Now and Beyond April 22, 2021
    It’s a tough gig for the C-suite today.It’s all about speed to market, but as technology and markets become more sophisticated, so do the governance and risk hurdles to launch products.So how do you balance the need for innovation vs. the requirement for good governance?Cloud innovation environments go some way to improving this. Used properly, […]
  • BrandPost: Honesty Underpins Successful Digital Transformation April 22, 2021
    For a digital business to be transformative, it must be fast.That isn’t just about time to-market, but how you work as teams together, with suppliers and partners across the ecosystem relied on for your customer experience to achieve ROI.Optimized customer experience and business value is achieved through both underlying cloud technologies and by changing the […]
  • Customer loyalty is up for grabs; retention is now mission-critical April 22, 2021
    Repeat any word or phrase enough, and it can lose all meaning. For many years, the term “digital transformation” has felt increasingly hollow; mere window dressing for any business initiative involving digitizing existing operations. Then the pandemic hit. Suddenly, we had an obvious definition focused on areas of urgent need, such as remote working and […]
  • BrandPost: Digital Asset Management Gets an Upgrade in Adobe Experience Manager April 22, 2021
    Brands are engaged in a very real competition to provide the best and most engaging customer experience. A large component of a best-in-class customer experience is the ability to deliver digital content that the customer finds compelling, useful, and informational—at the right time and in the correct manner. Customers, whether they are B2C or B2B, […]
  • How COVID contingency best practices can help save the planet April 22, 2021
    At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and most companies were forced to work virtually, few executives thought the situation would continue for over a year and might be the new work norm going forward. Today, although many companies have site-essential employees who continue to report to a physical workplace, most have to some extent […]
  • IT confronts climate change April 22, 2021
    As the world celebrates Earth Day, it’s a good time to acknowledge IT’s important role in helping to fight or address climate change. Here are some examples of how organizations are using IT for projects related to environmental issues.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: How CIOs Can Tackle Digital Transformation with Speed and Agility April 21, 2021
    The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we work as digital transformation continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. Major organizational changes have prompted CIOs and other business leaders to rethink how their teams are configured and how they interact with each other and with customers.New challenges, changing customer needs, and the increasing role of […]